Apex Meets Arbour

Apex Meets Arbour: A Fresh Makeover

Arbour, an upscale casual restaurant nestled in the vibrant heart of Whyte Avenue, recently underwent an all-encompassing renovation, transforming it into a culinary destination that exudes warmth and elegance. As they’re known for their eclectic small plates, artisanal sourdough pizzas, and an exceptional array of cocktails and wines, the ambiance of the space needed to mirror the quality and creativity of the cuisine. This is where Apex Upholstery stepped in, bringing over six decades of expertise to the project.

As a company that has been shaping the upholstery scene in North America for over 60 years, Apex Upholstery was the natural choice for an endeavour like Arbour’s renovation. Our breadth of experience, stretching across realms from commercial and hospitality to automotive and marine, assured Arbour that their vision would not only be realized but enhanced. With a keen understanding of the manufacturing process, Apex’s commitment was to take Arbour’s conceptual sketches and transform them into tangible artistry.

Central to Arbour’s refreshed design was the striking green upholstery, which Apex masterfully integrated into the restaurant’s booths and chairs. This vibrant choice served as a rejuvenating element, breathing life and vivacity into the space, mirroring the exciting flavour combinations the restaurant is celebrated for. Not only was this visual allure achieved, but functionality was not compromised; the use of hospitality-grade vinyls and fabrics ensured that the seating was both beautiful and enduring.

Furthermore, recognizing the importance of space and flow in a dining environment, Arbour’s former long table was replaced by Apex with custom-made boothing along the wall. This change not only modernized the space but also allowed for more intimate seating arrangements for diners, cultivating an atmosphere perfect for conversations, laughter, and unforgettable dining experiences.

In essence, the collaboration between Arbour and Apex Upholstery was more than a business transaction—it was a harmonious merging of art, craft, and vision. Through Apex’s unparalleled craftsmanship, Arbour’s space transformed into a reflection of its culinary artistry, ensuring that every diner’s experience was an immersive one, both gastronomically and aesthetically.

Be sure to check them out the next time you find yourself on Whyte Ave in Edmonton, AB!

Photography: Emily Schütz