Apex Upholstery

Serving North America for over 60 years

Our Clients

We have the privilege of working with some fantastic clients!

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Reputation & Trust

We at Apex Upholstery have built our reputation on the care we take in recognizing the unique desires that you bring each time we talk. This philosophy has earned your respect over the many years as we have grown into today.

Investing in the Future

As we continue into tomorrow, Apex is instituting new systems and procedures to better track and control our service to the most important people we know….our customers.

We look forward to each new project as this allows us to work with our associates, old and new, supporting partnership endeavors. Working closely with you encourages teamwork to develop a solution to every need. 

Let's Partner

Partnerships promote tightly controlled project management through direct communication, attention to details and because of initiative through the watchful eye of prevention potential issues are averted, even those unrelated to our part in the job. Ultimately, we work together, in a partnership, making it happen.

“You know Earls is a service-based company, and so, we like to think we know great service when we see it. Apex has been more than helpful and accommodating of us every time we have dealt with you. This is why the relationship between Earls and Apex has existed for 20+ years, and likely why Apex is so successful. Thank you very much for your help!”

Jeff K, Manager
Earls Campus Tower